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Exactly how does the whole ordering procedure work?

Most customers email or upload their file to me. I then will email back a preflighted proof which you print out and look over closely. If it looks good, then you place your order through the website and I match it to your file and print and ship. During business hours, most proofs will be sent within 1 to 2 business hours. Most orders, after the proof is approved will ship within one business day. If you have a large order or you add numbering or having them put into books, this usually adds 1 to 3 business days to the production time.

Can I add Numbering to my forms?

Yes, Just click on the 'Choose Options' icon next to the item you would like to order and you can see the option to add this

Can I have them put into books with wraparound coverings?

Yes, Just click on the 'Choose Options' icon next to the item you would like to order and you can see the option to add this

Do you email a proof back to me?

Yes, if you have emailed or uploaded a file, you will receive a proof in email with ordering instructions. If you have already ordered, I will not print your order until you have approved a proof.

Can I email my own file for a custom form?

Yes, Just email or upload the file and I will email back a proof.

What Type of files do you accept?

Generally a Vector PDF file is the best. WORD and Excel files are usually fine also. Vector files will produce the best image quality. If possible, all fonts should be converted to outlines. Bitmap files may print fuzzy or with faded ink coverage. If bitmap files are the only thing you have, they should be at least 600 DPI and grayscale. All blacks should be 100% grayscale black for best results. We need 1/4" margins all the way around.

Information provided by: Rich